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Starlink Installation

Great internet and Wi-Fi once and for all

Our ultimate goal is to have a long lasting Starlink installation that has a great connection, is aesthetically pleasing, and works well in the wind & snow. Call us to schedule your installation now. 888.952.4879

Our subject matter experts have a deep understanding of Wi-Fi, networks, and building construction. This skillset is essential to creating a cost effective, scalable, design to handle all your electronic devices. For both home or business we can provide a seamless integration to Starlink’s internet service.

HomeSync’s Wi-Fi service quickly expanded with the creation of Starlink. We believe our method of understanding of how the building was built allows us to provide the simplest installation and create the highest quality network.


A Colorado Starlink Installer

Save yourself the hassle and time. Let our technicians safely install your Starlink dish for you. We’ve provided a list below of some variables we consider:


  • Mount type and fastening

  • Snow, rain, and wind withstanding

  • Router & cable installation

Additional Considerations Provided:

  • Increased network security

  • Mesh Wi-Fi signaling (Smartphone, computer, IP phones, etc.)

  • Remote access (Quickbooks, file sharing, etc.)

  • Dual WAN connection (Two internet services to provide redundancy.)

Image by NASA

Starlink is forever improving with the addition of satellites that are launched periodically. Our team stays up to date on all the new technology that Starlink offers.

Colorado Based Starlink Technicians

We're constantly improving and growing our business to better serve our customers. Currently, we dispatch technicians to your local neighborhood, throughout the state. We manage projects from corner to corner in Colorado and are ready to handle your Starlink installations statewide.

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